Get some fantastic new PC games in the Bundle stars Fire & Ice bundle!

Get some fantastic new PC games in the Bundle stars Fire & Ice bundle!

Bundles are all the rage these days with PC games, and they really help the indie crowd, but it’s not only the humblebundle that brings so much happy gaming to your machine, and Bundlestars have unveiled their first pay-what-you-want bundle with 10 great games!

The Humble Bundle tends to stick to very similar games, what most would consider as truly indie, however the games that get ignored the most on PC these days are the low budget titles, which The Fire & Ice Bundle is absolutely full of!

For just £3.94, gamers can get simulators, adventure games, sci-fi strategy and even firefighting action with ten games, there’s even rewards for the highest contributors! Plus, a percentage of the money paid will go directly to Special Effect, a charity that enables everyone, no matter what their disability, to enjoy computer games.

Check out the trailer to see just what the bundle contains, and you’ll be surprised to find that we have reviewed a lot of them, so you can check out our thoughts on these criminally underappreciated games.

With just £1 you can get a copy of what I like to call the real Cannon Fodder 3; Tiny Troopers, as well as the fantastically addictive Airport Control Simulator.

Go on! You know you don’t have enough games!