Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection

Square Enix have announced that they will be releasing Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection across Europe and PAL territories exclusively for the PSP during Spring 2011. Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection brings together the storylines from Final Fantasy IV and its sequel The After Years, which are linked via an all-new scenario.

Alongside the two games, The Complete Collection also promises enhanced visuals on its original 2D format, unlike the Nintendo DS remake that was released in 2008 that pushed the classic into 3D.

Final Fantasy IV is the story of the Cecil, a dark knight whose quest for redemption leads him into a battle that could change the fate of the world, more than a decade after Cecil's decision, The After Years follows, with his son Ceodore who faces a similar challenge.

Final Fantasy IV is often regarded as one of the best games of all time -although personally I always preferred VI. If you are sure that Final Fantasy VII is one of the best games ever made, grow up, and see where the series started, you'll be surprised.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection will be available exclusively for the PSP this Spring.