Get an overview of Final Exam in the new trailer

Get an overview of Final Exam in the new trailer

It may have had a little setback in its launch, but Final Exam is almost ready to be taken on; inspired by the Obscure horror series, Final Exam is a 2.5D side-scroller full of crazy monsters, humour and a lot of combos, the developers at Mighty Rocket Studio have just released a new trailer showing off a little more of the game.

In the brand new trailer Brutal Joe explains the basic ingredients that make up Final Exam;

With a single player story as well as local and online cooperative multiplayer you can play as one of four of the unlikely and stereotypical students that have their own unique skills and abilities that will develop throughout their adventure.

Obscure’s combat is set to focus on combos, counters and score multipliers for that record high score as you survive against mountains of monsters that want to eat your innocent adolescent flesh! Despite the very different style of gameplay, the new and tasty Obscure embraces the origins of its name, and will incorporate many familiar elements of the survival horror genre with sparse ammunition, limited health kits and the dark, oppressive feeling of constant danger.

Final Exam is scheduled for a release November 8th for Windows PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.