Come rain or shine it'll soon be F1 time

Codemasters have been making a lot of noise about the weather in F1 2010 and have finally given us a few more details on this system. There are three parts to the weather system, firstly the visual effects, which includes the visual effects on the cars and the tracks, effects such as heat haze on the track when it’s blistering hot or the spray and rooster tails as cars tear around the track in the damp or wet. Secondly is how the visual effects tie into the track simulation, the third aspect is what affect the weather has on the gameplay.

As the track dries when the rain stops there will be dry portions, and the weather will definitely change how the car drives and the handling will change depending on the weather. It will be up to you to decide whether you will set up the car for a wet race even if it was a dry qualifying, the weather system is so dynamic that even if it rains for the ten laps, it can either stop or get heavier.

The weather system in F1 2010 will be one of the most comprehensive systems to be implemented into a racing game I've ever seen, all that's left to wonder now is can races end due to heavy downpours?

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