The sights and the sounds of the Formula One

Codemasters have released another dev diary for their highly anticipated upcoming Formula One 2010, for those of you who have been keeping track of them I'll start this post with the bad news.
The latest diary entitled Cars and Tracks does not yet feature the 2010 cars in game.

Now that is aside we can focus on the good news; the tracks, look absolutely amazing, Codemasters have gone to great length to model the circuits extremely accurately so that players will feel like they are in the real life locations. There is a great shot in the Monaco track of the hill between Sainte Devote and Beau rivage (the first corner as you go up the hill) where it looks like they went and modelled the whole of Monte Carlo.

All the tracks look outstanding, and each seem to have had the same amount of detail and attention paid to them, one surprising touch to the game that they hope to encorporate is that at each track you should see a noticeable difference in crowd sizes from practice through qualifying up until race day when you will race in front of a full crowd.

Codemasters are getting ready to unleash what is probably going to be the greatest F1 game made to date, my only hope is that the next video released will feature at least a glimpse of a Lotus, Virgin and HRT car I know it's still early but they would be nice to see.

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