F1 2010 set for September 2010

High Definition gamers and Formula One fans alike have been waiting for a solid date for years since F1 Championship Edition on the PS3 was released, that day is here.

F1 2010 will not only be the first ever Official Formula One title on the Microsoft platform, it will be the first time in almost a decade that it has been brought to the PC. F1 2010 is set for a September launch and will feature all the official teams, drivers and circuits for this coming season, including Michael Schumacher’s return and the brand new Korean circuit; which will see players that buy the game on release actually testing the circuit before the drivers are set to race it on the 24th October.

The game is in production at Codemasters’ studio in Birmingham, using the EGO Game Technology Platform that they are also utilising to make the upcoming Bodycount. They have also tweaked the engine slightly to recreate the aerodynamics and handling required of Formula One driver.

F1 2010 will feature all the standard game modes that encompass the series including; Grand Prix, Championship, Time Trial and as always the ever loved Career Mode, we’re also promised a highly advanced damage model with a fully dynamic weather system, whether these two combined will be a good thing for inexperienced players is another story entirely. Codemasters also have unprecedented access to the teams and drivers which puts this at being possibly the most accurate and exciting Formula One game to be released ever!