Taking Hangman to the Extreme

The DSi proves another great console for pioneering games, never before has a hangman title graced consoles and on the Nintendo DSi, it has never made more sense, as you would imagine your mission is to save your hangman, however in this DSiWare title, you will need to save your hangman from being shot, strangled, erased, and obviously hanged by his enemies.

Extreme Hangman will feature seven different settings, with many stickmen animations, and over 2000 words in various categories and three difficultly levels, the trailer has my interest peaked with actor's names, as well as the challenge mode that allows you to create your own hangman games. Extreme Hangman will be available July 2nd in Europe for a mere 200 Nintendo points, definitely worth picking up if you want a quick game, I'm sure we'll be having a look at the title.

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