Lead a global empire in Europa Universalis IV

Lead a global empire in Europa Universalis IV

So, Paradox Interactive unveiled their Project Truman over the weekend, and to be fair, it’s one that many have been waiting for; Europa Universalis IV is one of the grandest of strategy games that the studio are renowned for, and now your true dreams of leading a global empire can be brought to life.

To announce the return to glory, Paradox have released a teaser trailer for the new title.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>h a worldwide community of over half a million players, and a series that has sold over a million copies, Europa Universalis has redefined grand strategy gaming for a whole generation, and the series returns with even more flexibility and new options for imperial management alongside the true commitment to historical strategy.

With over 300 years of gameplay, Europa Universalis allows you to make your own decisions in nation building, control trade routes in an all new system, and improves old areas such as the diplomatic system, even more historical events, improved multiplayer, and the ability to customise and mod practically anything in the game.

If you’ve given your time into the soap opera that is Crusader Kings II, then prepare yourself for the true military drama that is Europa Universalis. For fans hotly anticipating the grand strategy, many may be a little heartbroken to find that the game currently has a speculative release window of Q3 2013, oh well, I guess its back to Crusader Kings II?