Make Friends or Enemies in Europa Universalis IV in the first episode of Frenemies

Make Friends or Enemies in Europa Universalis IV in the first episode of Frenemies

Paradox Interactive have released the first episode in a live-action miniseries for Europa Universalis IV; the critically acclaimed empire-building strategy from Paradox Development Studio.

The new series; Frenemies conveys the lengths that people will have to go in a multiplayer game of Europa Universalis IV with a group of housemates. It's a little cheesy at times, but you'll learn the meaning of casus belli, and perhaps realise the scope of a multiplayer game of EUIV, plus the mini advertisement at the start of the episode is fantastic!

However one of the real allures of Europa Universalis IV is its sandbox nature that allows you to rewrite the tomes of history, whether its bringing an unlikely nation to supremacy or discovering the Americas as Italy. For all you lovers of bastardising history, Paradox are set to reward you with the new 'Rewrite History Contest' allowing fans to create their own in-game events and share them on the Paradox Interactive Forums, the top suggestions will be selected and officially added to a forthcoming game update for Europa Universalis IV!

From the team that brought you the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV hopes to further the foundations of the award winning series that redefined grand strategy gaming for a generation and sold over a million copies. If you haven't seen it, be sure to check out our review of the game.

Europa Universalis IV is out now for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, for £34.99, with the Deluxe Extreme Edition for £39.99 from a variety of digital distributers. Don't forget a demo is available to download if you aren't sure if this grand strategy is your cup of tea.