Examine Europa Universalis IV's Warfare in a new dev diary

Examine Europa Universalis IV's Warfare in a new dev diary

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have released a new developer diary for their upcoming empire-building game Europa Universalis IV. The new video showcases the dangerous world of open warfare in the game that includes the costs of protracted battle on your empire, such as money, manpower and morale, lessons that only a grand strategy will teach you.

Conquering the globe costs more than you would think, but it's necessary if you want to conquer the globe. Strategy fans can pre-order the game now from digital distribution channels for $39.99 with a Digital Extreme Edition for $44.99 for its release August 13th 2013.

In development from the team that brought you the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV hopes to further the foundations of the award winning series that redefined grand strategy gaming for a generation and sold over a million copies. Be sure to read up more on the game on the newly launched website.

Europa Universalis IV is scheduled for a release August 13th 2013 for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, and you can pre-order it now from here and receive DLC such as the Purple Phoenix pack and more to be revealed soon.