Episode 8

We're pleased to announce episode 8. This week's shownotes:

Destroy Founder's PS2.
Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive.
Final Fantasy XI beta Xbox 360 mag.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
Sony way late, nothing about PS3 at the CES this year.
Games we want that don't exist.
The future of gaming.
Somewhere in there, that was left uncut - Adam's "woo".

Download, 17MB, MP3.

Comment from: mark [Visitor]

hey i got bored at night on my psp so decided to look 4 sumting 2 listen 2 i found ur rss feed and listened 2 ur epsde . excellent work. have u read the ps3 and x360 specs? cmon ps3 will pwn. i only use ps2 and x1 atm cus i only like gta, nfs, rtchtclnk and halo2

10th January 2006 @ 15:38 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Cptalbertwesker [Visitor]

Wooo gonna comment :D
First off, what on earth is that music you used, its so familar it drives me crazy.

Ok, wanna say to Adam ('cos I like to find fault)

Rocketeer came out, -although I hear its crappy- on the NES, SNES and PC :)

Red October never came out on the megadrive :P came out on the SNES though.

And my other comment was about you talking of the last generation of consoles, dont forget the dreamcast :O it came out before the PS2, and I would call it up to standard with the PS2 and Xbox.

10th January 2006 @ 16:36 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

excellent show guys,

just gotta say "SORT THE BLOODY SOUND" its hard enough to hear anything on the buses in manchester even with my pod on max volume.

but thats by the by.

I started listening to podcasts with itunes last week, and i am glad i came across yours since i cant stand the american accent and every game podcast i could find (bar this one) had americans speaking, to be honest i was suicidal and i was half expecting you to break out in an americal accent just to p*** me off and throw me over the edge.... glad you didnt, i may have been adams "woo" that woke me up and snapped me out of it....

since you mentioned battle chess (i think from the 7th show) i would like to hear you do a piece about gaming classics of how games have evolved from the likes of pacman (bad example i know) to the games of today, or how the games of today still hold onto old classics which we came to love... just an idea.

Cheers guys.


12th January 2006 @ 09:28 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Catherine [Member]

I was looking in OX360M and they've got about games coming out this year and they've said stuff like Turok (cool), Alone in the Dark, new tomb raider game (doesn't look that bad), House of the dead 4 (omg) and they also talked about Wolfenstein, new Indiana Jones game, Fable 2, Jade Empire 2, F.E.A.R and Half-life 3, able to tell us anything about these games? :D

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