Episode 82

This week's shownotes:

Wrath of the Lich King.
Halo 3, finally online co-op and FOUR players.
Rage new game from id Software.
Microsoft cut $50 from Xbox 360 price.
Nintendo stuff.
Spore hands on at Leipzig games conference.
Grand Theft Auto 4 next year.

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Comment from: Mat Windsor AKA Oxslow [Visitor]  
Mat Windsor AKA Oxslow

Hi gamercast guys. Sorry it has been a few weeks since my last letter. First off I am going to talk about some games that will be released in the near future. A recently released game.

I will start with a game that is a dead certainty to be number 1 in the pc charts in the UK when it comes out. This week Sega/SI (Sports Interactive) announced that Football Manager 08 will be released before Christmas. It will probably be October, November at the latest unless Football Manager Live has had an affect on Football Manager 08. Which SI have said that will not happen because they have created a new small team for Football Manager Live. A few of the new features that caught my eye were. 1. International management has had a complete over haul. Which it needed. 2. A feature that SI call match flow which involves which basically will mean the game will continually flow on match days instead on pausing every time you do something. 3. regenerated player photos which will mean that the regen photos will get older and change as the game goes on. What ever happens with the game it is certain to be a top seller for years to come. It is becoming more and more realistic with each release which means it is getting less and less pick up and play but it is still going to be a great game if you like football and numbers.

The next game I am going to talk about is a game I thought that would never Interplay went belly up and Bethesda purchased them. The game is Fallout 3 still a year away form hitting are shelf's but I am really looking forward those hard decisions to make in the post apocalyptic environment. I just hope this game lies up to my expectations.

The last future game I want to talk about is Assanin's Creed. Basically if you liked the thief series you will like this game. (I still want Thief 4). I have not heard a lot about this game since an E3 (I don't remember which one) then forgot all about it. Until it was mentioned a couple weeks ago on gamercast and to my surprise it is out this November. From the screen shots I have seen it looks like a middle age Jerusalem and stealth is the key to this game. Hitman went a bit of the way to filling the thief void. I recon this game will fill it.

I watched the Transformer movie and boy what a movie it was. Then when I was round a friends house and he had got transformers the game, and I thought it might actually be fun to play. I was wrong, how good the movie is is how bad the game is, pointless missions, rubbish physics and doing the same stuff over and over sums up this game. 1 out of 5.

11th August 2007 @ 17:38 Reply to this comment

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