Episode 79

This week's shownotes:

Wii shortages likely to continue.
New Wii controllers on their way.
Xbox 360 backwards-compatibility update (Morrowind, PGR2).
Top Spin 3 coming to Xbox 360 and PS3.
Silent Hill 5 coming to Xbox 360 and PS3.
Metal Gear Solid 4 delayed until next year.
New PlayStation Portable model.
PlayStation 3 60GB model gets cancelled.
Games responsible for PS3's lacklustre performance.
Xbox 360 Elite price hints.
Movie-based game releases.
Spore update.
Super Mario Galaxy.
Sonic the Hedgehog released on Xbox Live Arcade.
Fable 2 details.
Halo 3 single player preview.

Download, 34MB, MP3.

D3COMP (for those without imaginations thats like decomposing or decompressing)

Hmm, I do enjoy the mention on "air". I would donate money as I know you need it, however if you set up an area to make game donations I would be happy to donate something for you to review. Also, I am looking for a new game to buy for the 360 or xbox. My likes are: tactical shooters, shooter, rpgs, and racing games. The games I own are: pgr3, gears of war, cod2, halo 2, splinter cell (all of them), halo ce, graw, graw2, oblivion, and forza 1. My budget is low but I have no problem with shelling out 40 dollars or less. A DS game would also be ok but I am primarily looking for a nice big multiplayer game (single player is crap).

ps. sorry for the long letter (and yes i realize my saying this is furthering the length).

Your fan,

15th July 2007 @ 21:31 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Charmoo [Visitor]

Nice section on the new Silent Hill :P

Also just wanted to say about the Hitman movie trailer... isn't really much of a trailer and more of a teaser; I think the fact that they used Ave Maria in the trailer doesn't say much either; from the look of the trailer to me it's not gonna be very similar to the game... pretty much because its a poor choice of game to make a film about; unless you like action films of course

Anyway just wanted to say that... oh and Timothy Olyphant looks like the bad guy from die hard, because he is ^_^

17th July 2007 @ 16:23 Reply to this comment

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