Episode 78

This week's shownotes:

Microsoft extend Xbox 360 warrantee to three years for Ring of Death failures.
Xbox 360 Elite coming to Japan October 11th.
Gears of War coming to Windows.
Adam's PC tails.
Sony drop PlayStation 3 price in the United States by $100.
Sony apologise to Manchester Cathedral for Resistance Fall of Man.
New Wii virtual console stuff.

Download, 29MB, MP3.

D3COMP (for those without imaginations thats like decomposing or decompressing)

this is the first show i have listened to and i digg it. it was very humorous and had a pleseant indy feel to it. keep up the great work guys

10th July 2007 @ 21:14 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Oxslow [Visitor]  

Hi Adam and Paul (Thanks for the help this week Paul).

Just an idea I had for something that could go into your show after I read this and knowing that you guys love supreme commander.

Chris Taylor’s Gas Powered Games, Corp., a leading developer of multi-platform interactive entertainment, today announced a series of Supreme Commander tournaments that will be played via the GPGnet online gaming service. The first tournament is scheduled for July 28th and 29th and will have a $5,000 prize fund. In addition to the prize money, players will also compete for the "UEF Cup".

My idea was that we could get as many gamercast listeners as posible to enter and the player that gets the furthest get a little spot on gamercast.

12th July 2007 @ 18:21 Reply to this comment

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