Episode 77

This week's shownotes:

Blue Dragon release date in August.
Darkness changes in Germany.
Harrison - don't judge consoles by launch software
Electronic Arts' UK market share double that of closest competitor.
Geometry Wars: Galaxies.
Wii Lightsaber this autumn.
Nintendo market value briefly surpasses Sony.
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance.
Resident Evil 4 Wii review.

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Comment from: Mr Ho101 [Visitor]  
Mr Ho101

Hi my name is Ian Ho from Liverpool uk. Good show guys. gamer tag Mr Ho101

2nd July 2007 @ 20:19 Reply to this comment
Comment from: AzraelPC [Visitor]  

Great show, guys! I really liked the review for Resident Evil 4 even though I've never played it. I have seen it played, and having played Goldeneye on the N64, I can fully understand what you were saying with the wish to take the movement and controls for your person and the gun controls on separate hands because that is the way that a first-person shooter is set up on most PC games.

I've listened to your show now since Episode 74 because that's when I picked up my Creative Zen player.

Also, my mate, Scar7humb, is a renter, as am I. My gamerscore is a meager 39k and nothing compared with his. I hope your friend that had surgery is feeling better, and I hope that your bike test goes well also!

Looking forward to your next show, mates!

6th July 2007 @ 03:20 Reply to this comment
Comment from: SCAR7HUMB [Visitor]  


19th August 2007 @ 01:39 Reply to this comment

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