Episode 6

Here's Gamercast Episode 6, this weeks show notes.

Catherine says: Lost Planet is like a mech game, we like mech games.
Nintendo Wi-Fi.
Nintendo Revolution.
Adam Xbox 360 exploded again. :(
Perfect Dark Zero multiplayer.
PGR3 rules.
PSP thosuands in stock nobody wants them.
Adolf Hitler and Time Magazine.

Download, 14MB, MP3.

Comment from: Catherine [Member]

crazy people, theres a trailer on the 360, and its by capcom.

19th December 2005 @ 19:21 You are currently replying to this comment
Comment from: Girl at your window, looking in adoration [Visitor]
Girl at your window, looking in adoration

I concur!! I have also seen this trailer of which she speaks!

19th December 2005 @ 19:27 Reply to this comment

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