Episode 68

This week's shownotes:

New releases.
Command and Conquer 3 stuff.
Darth Urra interview.
New Sims developments.
New ATI Windows Vista drivers.
Wal-Mart and HD DVD.
Dragon Ball Z review.
Games for Windows FUD.
Jet Set Radio Future now supported on Xbox 360.

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Comment from: SONID [Visitor]  

You guys censored my post! Where was all the stuff about the XBOX and Wii!!!! Anyhow.

I'd just like to say that your last show was absolutely hilarious! Where did you find that guy from the States? He's a deep PS hater nevertheless a loyal fan of the show. Awkward yet entertaining! Good job.

So I feel that there needs to be someone defending the Playstation, since your show is ever becoming one sided. Console war or not, I feel that you guys should be seen to be looking at various angles at arguing your case for XBOX and Wii more on how they have improved for example XBOX 360 isn't
really much different to the original XBOX, there's nothing new here! However the Wii is Nintendo’s saving grace, that cube thing was the last straw!

The Wii isn't really my cup of tea, i mean, if i choose to play golf or tennis I go to the park with a mate, I’m not going to be waving my arms around my front room like a twit on my own. This thing has definitely got a limited lifespan. It’s for kids come on.

Its becoming apparent that your main focus against PS3 is the price, not good enough.
Anyway XBOX would cost roughly the same amount as a PS3 if you kitted it out with all the extras i.e HD DVD, Wifi, hard drive all the things that come as standard in the PS.

Throwing sales figures left, right and centre about the console and Blu-ray discs at us every week doesn’t mean a thing.

The styling of the PS3 is second to none. It's the Aston Martin of the consoles, slick, powerful and well built (no overheating here). Mock if you wish but the XBOX and Wii look pathetic in comparison.
If you look at the console and dissect it on a hardware level you are getting a powerful machine capable of more than simply playing games, it’s a home entertainment hub (media centre). I mean you can load up an operating system and it cures illnesses!!!!!

On a more serious note the games for the console will come in due course. At the moment I’m content with the games I have, Virtua tennis (good), Resistance (Great), Motorstorm (Good), Tekken 5 (Great), Genji (Rubbish).
One rubbish game out of five on launch isn’t that bad!
Bring on Shadow of the Colossus, Tekken 6, Pro Evo and Metal gear! When titles like these come out we’ll see what the platform has to offer.

I don't think I'll ever buy a Wii. As for XBOX, it's going to take something more than just Gears of War, and a ropey version of Pro Evo to even tempt me. Command and Conquer is a nice touch though.
Where are all the GREAT XBOX only games that make it fantastic?

25th April 2007 @ 09:44 Reply to this comment

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