Episode 66

This week's shownotes:

Correction: Forza Motorsport 2 demo this month not week.
Spidierman 3 for the Wii.
Command & Conquer 3 tiberium growth.
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii.
PlayStation 3 sales drop 82%.
WH Smith and Play drop PS3 and Xbox 360 prices.
Guitar Hero II controller works on the PC.
Xbox 360 Spring Update.
Zombie Jesus.
The Elder Scrolls IV: The Shivering Isles review.

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Comment from: SONID [Visitor]  

Guys chill with the PS3 hating!

I'm an avid listener to you Podcast and enjoy the
banter and research which comes with each show.

However I can't understand why you choose to pick sides and have created a video game war between the XBOX combined with Nintendo against the PS3.

It's obvious that the two consoles released prior to the Playstation will gain a significant market share, I'm no expert but its obvious. The PS3 is here to stay and will sustain the onslaught brought on by Microsoft and Nintendo, sustainability is the biggest test, I wouldn't be surprised if the WII dwindled much like its predecessors and the XBOX well it'll simply be replaced by another amalgamation in the future. "changing its colour and adding a larger hard drive isn't what i'm talking about.

I made a big mistake buying the original XBOX. therefore it has scared me. I own a PS3 it's great, Resistance is fantastic, Motorstorm is fun online. I would like to see more games coming out which is the problem.

When I bought my PS2 on launch I remember saying the same thing, SSX is the only good game!! "pro evo is a joke it isn't anything like the PS1, where are the games?" low and behold it became the biggest selling games console with the most diverse amount of games to date, not to mention pioneering innovative gaming through eye toy, and dance mats, guitar hero, singstar!

Well keep up the good work guys and stop being so one sided, impartiality is the key to success. HAHA look forward to hearing your response.

9th April 2007 @ 14:04 Reply to this comment
Comment from: killypants_mafia [Visitor]  

shut up. PS3 sucks.

11th May 2007 @ 01:55 Reply to this comment

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