Episode 63

This week's shownotes:

Halo, Fable and Spore talk.
Commodore Gaming PCs.
Blue Dragon demo on the cards.
Eidos release games on Steam
Virtua Tennis 3 demo on Xbox Live.
Sky Broadband.
The Elder Scrolls Oblivion: Shivering Isles release 27th-30th March.
Halo 3 launch speculation.
Games for Windows Live features and release date.
Halo 2 for Windows Vista release date.
More Elder Scrolls talk.
OpenGL support in nVidia and ATI drivers.
PlayStation 3 compatibility disaster.
Console wars update.

Download, 32MB, MP3.

Comment from: Niall Sheffield [Visitor]  
Niall Sheffield

With all of the talk of the games coming out, why only the larger name games? Your missing out Hellgate London, which in my opinion is going to be ace? And what is your opinion on the mods scene? Not in any particular game, but in general? Heard of Black Mesa Source? But anyway nice podcast, and keep on talking.

03/19/07 @ 09:23 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]  

I couldnt care less whether halo2 is coming on the PC, tbh i dont like halo that much, i'll play it, just...

I have sky broadband... no problems with it in the slightest... the only downside is their custom firmware on the router wont let me forward ports. doesnt stop me from using the internet though.

i will TRY and be there for the boradcast on sunday.


03/21/07 @ 13:09 Reply to this comment
Comment from: schnapps "snype" [Visitor]  
schnapps "snype"

another good episode did you rate fable lost chapters after playin fable to death i still cant play lost chapters as it feels like the same game and what you think of stalker?

03/22/07 @ 22:33 Reply to this comment

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