Episode 59

Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000.
Apple Mac's blow up memory cards.
Microsoft Expression stuff.
Armed Assault.
Belkin Tunecast Mobile FM.
O2 stole Adam's money and keep threatening to drag Roodis to court.
O2 gave money back to Adam.
Adam tries to scare people with his Darth Vader stuff.
Nero biggest Roman nutjob.
Microsoft Fireman Simulator.
Live to dead and zombie games.
Adam's Windows Vista magazine.
Haze isn't up too much.
Zune Phone.

Download, 33MB, MP3.

Comment from: Darth Urra [Visitor]  
Darth Urra

Greetings Adam and Paul.

I'd just like to say *again* I love the show...it's hilarious, random, informative, and friendly (among the religious bashing [^_^] PS3 bashing [^_^] and the other bashing...

Some stuff I'd like to share;
~Why hasn't the sales figures been on the show lately? Im interested in the PS3 Bomb...and the Wii and 360 sales.

~Longer shows! lol (Hour?! Pff!)

~More guests...I like the new voices and personailites, not to mention another opinion.

~Cursing is great for family shows. Although I do respect your perfection for a professional show...and it's close...^_^

Thanks again, waiting for 50...+


13th February 2007 @ 00:26 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Darth Urra [Visitor]  
Darth Urra

By the way;

73 readers are subscribed to Gamercast...congrats :)

13th February 2007 @ 00:26 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Killypants_mafia [Visitor]  

here's something for you guys to chew upon-

i think that the spectator role in online games is possibly the most underrated, underestablished, and under explored. i was just thinking the other day of what a game would be like if the spectator actually had a role in the gameplay. we all know what its like to be the first dead in a heated Counter Strike match, and have to wait the entire thing out. but just imagine, if once you died you still played a pivotal role to the game outcome. for example, as a spectator you could break glass (a simple diversion), make other various natural noises (such as footsteps, etc), and do other things. its a far fetched idea, but what do you guys think? keep up the good work.

22nd February 2007 @ 04:16 Reply to this comment

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