Episode 40

Here's Gamercast Episode 40, this week's shownotes:

New releases.
Joe Kucan is back to play Kane.
Windows Vista RC1 is done.
Flight Simulator X is nearly done.
Microsoft next-gen exclusive on football games.
Nintendo Wii.
Battalion Wars 2.
Lego Star Wars 2.

Download, 25MB, MP3.

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Comment from: Wiss [Visitor]  

Iv introduced some people to gamercast. Im not sure if they will always listen, but it was worth a try. I will also post things on my myspace to get people to have a look at the great work u two are doing.

anyway i found a funny video about the ps3 on gametrailers, dunno if u guys hav seen it yet but it made me laff and not because of the silly german ps3 man :S. http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=2185

5th September 2006 @ 21:18 Reply to this comment

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