Episode 38

Here's Gamercast Episode 38.

New releases.
Dead Rising and stuff.
Forward releases.
40 minutes of random stuff.

Download, 29MB, MP3.

Comment from: Tony [Visitor]

The game doesn't work quite like the demo. For instance, you don't get cutscenes whenever you enter a new area, there is always a sense of time/urgency in the retail game......which can be annoying but5 I've gotten over it, I guess it's more realistic and makes everybody's game different.

13th August 2006 @ 21:28 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Catherine [Member]

WoW was good while it lasted, but the only reason I didn't really play it with you guys was cos I didn't wanna :P Wow just takes up all your time and I wanted to actually do other stuff.

And I warn everyone to not play HotD 4 :P

And I post on the forums :'(

13th August 2006 @ 21:54 Reply to this comment

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