Episode 32

Here's episode 32 this week's shownotes include:

This weeks releases.
This weeks news.
Nintendo DS Lite review.
Metriod Prime Hunters.
Animal Crossing.

Download, 13MB, MP3.

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Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

hey guys good show again,

sorry no voice clip, been busy

Red Orchestra is crap, really hard to play, if youve ever played call of duty or medal of honor imagine that but playability is 10 times harder, but a bit of trivia on red orchestra is it was originally made as a mod for UT2004 and made a name for itself by winning the unreal "make something unreal" contest, but it was as crap then as it is now so... dont bother with it.

Over the Hedge is a really good film, the game..... the game seems to be made in the same way the other computer animated games have madegascar/toy story and so on, in otherwords... bad

ever mentioned Evolution GT? i got the game today after playing it for a while, a really good game, on the PC at least.

still listening to the show so thats all i got to comment on right now


26th June 2006 @ 21:01 Reply to this comment

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