Episode 29

Here's episode 29, this week's shownotes include:

Hitman Blood Money.
MotoGP 06.
Quick Charge Kit.
Phantasy Star Universe.

Download, 20MB, MP3.

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Comment from: Catherine [Member]

There was like this huge like 6 page article on Phantasy Star Universe in some unofficial 360 mag, not too sure which one but it's on the front cover so it's not hard to miss :P I would have read it but it's kinda rude to stand in a shop and just read a magazine :P

But I doubt Paul would want to try any of the mmo's out there, altho some do come with free trials for friends, such as City of Heroes or any NcSoft title.
But I just don't think he'd like stuff like WoW that much, but I could be wrong, playing Guild Wars at the moment with Charlotte as I picked up a copy cheap, and it's not as bad as I thought ^_^ and hey Paul it's on deal of the week for 9.99 so you can get it really cheap in GAME :P

So where ya working Adam?

4th June 2006 @ 20:51 Reply to this comment

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