Episode 28

Here's episode 28, this week's for shownotes:

New Xbox 360 Dashboard.
Nintendo DS Lite release.
Tetris DS.
Marvel Alliance.
Rockstar Table Tennis.
Hitman Blood Money.

Download, 20MB, MP3.

Comment from: Tony [Visitor]

hey Adam!

is the rest of Blood Money as scripted as the demo?

or was the demo just scripted as it was purely to get people used to the controls and stuff?

Example: LIke when you walk into one room......you see a cutscene / A chemist would walk in a room only once you hid in the closet / that giuy started his "Purification" conversation right when you walked in the room

catch my drift?

28th May 2006 @ 22:12 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

awesome show.


29th May 2006 @ 15:45 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Samus Eny [Visitor]
Samus Eny

No the rest of Hitman Blood Money is not a scripted as the demo coz the demo was just the training level the rest of the game is amazing i loved the ending best Hitman so far they better make a 5th game

1st June 2006 @ 10:45 Reply to this comment

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