Episode 21

Here's episode 21, this weeks shownotes:

Apple Bootcamp.
Oblivion horses.
Rumble Roses.
Tomb Raider.

Download, 21MB, MP3.

Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

yes i drive whilst listening to you... and yes i almost turned left >:-(

YES i have payed oblivion and HATED IT.

theres your responce :)

i wouldnt say im into the flying type of games, but blazing angels, dude, its just.... wow man!!!

currently listening to the show so i shall return tomorrow when i will reply to those wishing to have me hanged for not liking oblivion... my brother played it btw, he is actually into that type of game and he hated it too so... :p


great show

9th April 2006 @ 21:37 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Cptalbertwesker [Visitor]

90% of films are filmed in 35mm which is analogue format Aha!! We were correct, I verified it to be the truth :D

Anyways, I believe there should be more focus on other platforms than just the 360, sure its a good console, but there are also good games released on other platforms!

9th April 2006 @ 21:50 Reply to this comment

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