Episode 13

Episode 13 is now available for download. This weeks items include:

Halo 2 PC and soundtrack.
City of Heroes for free.
Rub Rabbits.
Xbox Live Arcade.
Xbox 360 web browser.
Hands on with PS3 dev kits.
Life after iPod.
Transformers the movie.

Download, 15MB, MP3.

Comment from: Wester547 [Visitor]

Hacking the blog? What's the matter with you 'people'? I was bleeding tidying it up so you wouldn't have to do the job. Spamming bastard? There was never any damn spam, I was just commenting your input about Battlefront II, and none of it makes sense? Can't you ever find one lambent thing to say about me for once? *rolls eyes*

13th February 2006 @ 06:02 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

great show guys,

question... do you always do your shows at 5pm on sundays? (GMT of course)

I would join but i am otherwise engaged from lunch till some other time later in the evening.

urh nothing really to comment about, other than where do you get vista from? im guessing MSDN?

im basically a pc gamer to save comments about why, i sweep the board with "all consoles suck except for the mega drive/genesis whatever you wanna call it" and PC's own at everything.

"prey" http://www.prey.com/ looks awesome, wandering what you think.

driving simulation games (pc) are there any that match gran tourismo, but for the PC? project gotham racing... just... wow, i still hate the xbox though,

keyboards... stop laughing, a couple of shows ago you were saying you got the microsoft natural keyboard.... WHAT THE FUCK!!! did someone cut a wedge out of your wrists and you thought "hey lets get a new microsoft keyboard"? what gaming keyboards are available and whether they actually do what they are meant to do I.E make gaming any enjoyable/easier personally i prefer the standard £2.50 keyboard you can buy at any pc shop (excpet pc world who charge £15 for the same one)

more to come, if i get any other stipdly bright ideas i will post at another time.


13th February 2006 @ 22:59 Reply to this comment
Comment from: chapstick [Visitor]

The best use of the work 'fucktard' has to come from Red vs Blue.

In one of the early episodes. Tucker - "You team-killing fucktard!"

15th February 2006 @ 00:40 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

wasnt it church who was really the team killing "fucktard"?

15th February 2006 @ 09:32 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Paul [Member]

Church got killed... It was Caboose in Shella that killed him.

Either way fucktard has been in use prior to that.

15th February 2006 @ 14:42 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

how many episodes have you watched?

if you have watched them all you should be ashamed, yes it was caboose who shot church but... /me takes deep breath... didnt church go back in time with the help of gary and try to change it so that they all wouldnt get stuck in alternate dimensions, at some point in his failing attempts he came across shiela (although wasnt named shiela at the time) and messed her up so that shiela could "teamkill", whether or not caboose was in the tank at the time of church's killing, it wouldnt have happened if chuch hadnt fucked about with shiela (or whatever he name was/is/should-have-been) but im sure you already knew that!

/me takes another deep breath

16th February 2006 @ 09:25 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Paul [Member]

Only watched a couple of episodes of the new stuff. Think I got half way through season 3. I got annoyed with having to pay for decent quality stuff. ;)

16th February 2006 @ 11:59 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]




16th February 2006 @ 12:47 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

i forget which series covers it so i just post the whole damn lot

16th February 2006 @ 12:49 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Arceihn [Visitor]

RvB's time travelling storyline was terribly unfunny. I got sick of the series at that point

16th February 2006 @ 15:39 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

i loved it, although it was a bit tired at one point, so i got my brother to watch them and give me a brief discription like what i wrote before.

16th February 2006 @ 23:16 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Gojin [Visitor]

well red vs blue rocks and series 4 is one of the best.......bow chicka bow wow...
and iam glad you liked the show...... my fav was the choc milk bit!

17th February 2006 @ 11:28 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bob_man_uk [Visitor]

choc milk was a tad disturbing, me growing up with a bunch of kids that did (almost) exactly the same thing to bone idle to get off their arse to do anything, just pisses me off. i think i fast forwarded past that part, which probably explains my confusion in reading your post.

17th February 2006 @ 12:40 Reply to this comment

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