Episode 99

This week's shownotes:

Eve Online Trinity deletes boot.ini.
New studio grabs MechWarrior licence.
Dreamcast 2.
Windows Vista SP1 RC.
Xbox 360 update.
World of WarCraft update.
Assassin's Creed.
Wii Zapper.

Download, 31MB, MP3.

Comment from: Mr Ho [Visitor]  
Mr Ho

Hi I have no heard your show yet as I have real truble downloading it nowdays past few weeks takes an age to download timesout any idears why? Have you played Avatar: The Legend Of Aang easy 1000 gamer score in 2 mins look it up on youtube am waiting to rent it.
all the best
Mr Ho101

10th December 2007 @ 22:11 Reply to this comment
Comment from: FinancialRoman [Visitor]  

Hey guys. great show. greets from Canada.

What is your Gamertags, I wanna own you guys at Table Tennis.

12th December 2007 @ 22:21 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Oxslow [Visitor]  

Just wondered if you guys have come across this new GTA 4 trailer yet?


14th December 2007 @ 16:07 Reply to this comment

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