Episode 189: Paul does not shave his face with an analogue stick

This week:

News (1:01):
Lego Star Wars 3: Clone Wars
Legends of Troy
Yakuza 3
Just Cause 2
Rocksteady Studios
Monster Hunter Tri
Heavy Rain
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Bioshock 2
Tomb Raider
Mass Effect 2
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Metroid: Other M
Sony something
Tesco and Asda
Blue Toad Murder Files

Paul's rant of the week (34:07):
Cheap Japanese toy robots from SupCom 2

Your letters (34:53):
Note from Bill
Letter from Charlotte

Name that game (39:55):
Answer to last week was Civilization 3

Releases this week (44:19):
Way of the Samurai 3
Picross 3D
Assassin's Creed II
Supreme Commander 2
Alice in Wonderland
Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Silent Hunter 5
Imagine Journalist
Battlefield Bad Company 2

Reviews and/or previews (57:56):
Aliens vs Predator
Heavy Rain

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Comment from: Bobmanuk [Visitor]

Just a note you should make, its all well and good having an operating system that is DX10 compatible, but the hardware also has to be DX10 capable too, when steam had the shattered horizon free weekend, lots of people complained as they had windows Vista/Seven but were still not able to run the game.

Also... nothing wrong with XP, just because it doesnt look like its put behind glass?!? yes, its old, but it uses less resources and plays some games better than Seven does.

when you mentioned the steam for mac, were you refering to the recent speculation about a mac version of steam? see here http://www.macrumors.com/2010/02/26/valves-steam-heading-to-the-mac/

still listening, more comments to follow... maybe


1st March 2010 @ 09:31 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Bobmanuk [Visitor]

in response to charlotte's previous letter.

i am generally sat at my pc listening to the show and browsing the web.

however i used to listen whilst driving/travelling and munching energy sweets :P

1st March 2010 @ 11:08 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bobmanuk [Visitor]


further to my previous link, it seems vale have released teaser images regarding a mac version of steam and also porting the source engine to mac's too.

7th March 2010 @ 12:05 Reply to this comment

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