Episode 149: Quack Quack

This week's shownotes:

King of Fighters
China online game addiction
German retailer pulls violent games
PlayStation business heading south
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Mac OS X hacked within 10 seconds
iPhone 3.0
Internet Explorer 8 released
WorldWide Telescope
Quake Live
Adam's crazy talk

Download, 40MB, MP3.

Comment from: bobmanuk [Visitor]

awesome show, not had much time to listen to the show as im moving..... again.

i think your mic has an intermittent echo, or maybe just paul... might wanna check it out... tis funny though

i notice that itunes hasnt got the latest show.

I was playing quake live since its closed beta stage and the skill ranking has changed a hell of a lot, saying that im sick of playing crash (initial bot battle)

i may miss the next few shows but i will be back soon.


23rd March 2009 @ 15:17 Reply to this comment
Comment from: bobmanuk [Visitor]

also in case your interested

the second generation ipod touch's (or iTouch as i call it, and no i couldnt care less if logitec had the name first) have been jailbroken, and also in case your interested, the jailbroken iphone/ipods do support copy and pasting and various other "tweaks" people have been waiting on apple to provide.

I have been reading that running applications in the background (for example Instant messenger apps will still recieve messages while you have the app closed) no biggie for me but i know a few people who would love to have their battery juice used up by an IM app constantly polling IM networks.

Im about to break mine now...


24th March 2009 @ 22:15 Reply to this comment

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