Episode 145: Gamercast Total War

This week's shownotes:

Dawn of War 2
Street Fighter IV - Xbox 360 vs PS3
Lost and the Damned
NASA's Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond
Nintendo DSi announced
Sony respond with more colours for the PSP 3000
Empire Total War demo released
MechWarrior rules

Download, 28MB, MP3.

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Comment from: Catherine [Visitor]

Ok firstly you can't call the stuff on the PSN shit Paul or I'll hit you when I see you next. I also totally disagree with Adam saying he'd rather spend him money on retail games, a fair amount of stuff coming out on specifically on the PSN but also on Xbox Live are a lot better than current games coming out at retail, mainly because they have a smaller development cycle so it's easier to push out something nice and simple.

Also I must say I've found the postal service while I've lived in Wales way better than what I've ever experienced in Essex, everything gets delivered super quick :)

24th February 2009 @ 09:43 Reply to this comment

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