Episode 139

This week's shownotes:

New Xbox Experience
Zune stuff
Mac OS X trojans and viruses spreading
Windows Live OneCare scrapped, replaced by free version
World of WarCraft Wrath of the Lich King
Christmas Day PVP

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Comment from: bobmanuk [Visitor]

hey guys, good show again, listening in my car now, just downloaded a shed load of previous episodes and burned them to CD so i can be distracted while running up and down the M1.


didnt microsoft acquire an antivirus company a while back? its about bloody time they released an antivirus with defender.

now im waiting for a decent on access antivirus for os x, 'cause you know these trojans are only the start of things to come with mac's

also adam what mac did you get in the end? sorry i havent gone back far enough to find out what you got in the end... if you even got one.

Im hating everyone now, it seems to be all WoW this and WoW that etc etc, i may get both wow and wrath of the litch king for christmas, but i dont want to waste my money on a subscription that im not going to play, i still have the original copy of guild wars.... which is crap, and i never play any more. I guess im just trying to find something new to play, CoD is getting boring... CS:S is in need of an update and theres not many fps' that tickle my fancy anymore, so... any suggestions?

waiting for your next show...

Bob Man

27th November 2008 @ 11:26 Reply to this comment

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