Episode 131

This week's shownotes:

World of WarCraft intro for beginners
Adam's Xbox blows up again
Google release Chrome web browser
Spore review

Download, 39MB, MP3.

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Comment from: Nick [Visitor]

Hey guys. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your review of Spore. I haven't picked up the game yet, and honestly don't know if I will now, what with all the lack-luster reviews and DRM issues I've read.

But I did enjoy what Adam did with his creatures (he attacked another group that he befriended because they didn't help/protect his group when he was under attack). I got a good laugh out of it.

I also agree - Google did a dandy job with Chrome. It's quickly becoming my favorite browser.

Also, I just purchased a Zune, so now hopefully I'll be able to listen to more shows.

14th September 2008 @ 18:58 Reply to this comment

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