Episode 119

This week's shownotes:

Don't get a Macintosh Adam!
PS3 ten times more expensive to run than Wii.
BT Vision charging people to watch BBC content.
More stuff about why the HP "Dragon" destroys Macintosh.
StarCraft 2: Tauren Marine.
Metal Gear Solid 4.
HTC Touch Pro announced.
Blood Elf Rogue review.
Dawn of War 2.
More stuff about Apple.
OpenSUSE better than Ubuntu.

On the PS3 being more expensive to run than the Wii, I said Canadian dollars instead of Australian - Paul.

Download, 29MB, MP3.

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Comment from: Matt Windsor [Visitor]
Matt Windsor

A little firefox 3 vid to start Paul off on a rant again.


12th June 2008 @ 22:43 Reply to this comment

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