Episode 113

This week's shownotes:

Orange Box out of its box.
Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer.
Assassin's Creed released for Windows.
EU Parliament rejects file sharing ban and kicking people off the internet.
Mario Kart released for Wii.
iPlayer on Wii.
ISPs moaning at BBC iPlayer.
Rockband and Indiana Jones soon.
World of WarCraft.

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Comment from: Killypants [Visitor]

Ello GC-
In response to my own question regarding PC combat flight sims, it looks like the upcoming Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. has some potential. i hope it's not butchered! Looks like Ubi Romania is devoloping...the same group that did Blazing Squadrons. Uh oh....
Also, any news of a GTA IV PC release?

28th April 2008 @ 02:33 Reply to this comment

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