Episode 101

This week's shownotes:

World of WarCraft (again).
Eve Online.
Assassin's Creed (again).
Radeon 3870.
Gears of War.

Download, 25MB, MP3.

We'll be having a week off next week, but we'll be back in 2008.

Comment from: Mr Ho [Visitor]  
Mr Ho

Hi Hope you enjoyed your xmass presents for a Atheist you did okay I am a jew so did not get all the games you got Paul are they any good?
hope you had a good newyear your's not mine was 2 monthes ago+

1st January 2008 @ 23:13 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Mr Ho [Visitor]  
Mr Ho

P.S I have not got WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st January 2008 @ 23:14 Reply to this comment

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