E3 2013: Saints Row IV developer interview

E3 2013: Saints Row IV developer interview

We do truly love our serious games, but sometimes you just have to let yourself go and indulge in some pure and manic craziness, for the last 5 years Volition have made this possible with their Saints Row series, so when we heard that Saints Row IV would be playable at the show, we couldn't say no!

Some may feel the developers have gone a little far out of the groundings of reality in their latest game, after all, playing as the President of the United States and going after destructive aliens in a strange re-imagined world of Steelport is a little over-the-top, but it's also a lot of fun, and thanks to the new 'superhuman powers' in Saints Row IV it also completely reshapes what you expect of Saints Row's open world experience, allowing you to run faster than any car, and jump higher than any helicopter could get you.

After we played a little of the game ourselves we couldn't help but interview the lovely Scott Phillips, Design Director at Volition who we interviewed last year on Saints Row: The Third, what a coincidence!

Saints Row IV launches in the UK August 23rd 2013, preorder now to get the Commander in Chief edition on top of your standard or Super Dangerous Wub Wub Collector's Edition on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC!