E3 2013: rain preview

E3 2013: rain preview

There was one title that we spied at the Sony conference that we knew we had to play; painfully mentioned off hand in a similar fashion to its original announcement at Gamescom was the hauntingly beautiful rain, and it is just every bit as enchanting as it looks.

From the PlayStation C.A.M.P initiative that brought us the likes of Echochrome and Tokyo Jungle, comes rain, an absolutely stunning game. From the very first time you step out into the rain and observe your lonely rain soaked figure and the negative space around it, to the first roofed area you traverse through invisibly, everything about this game feels so delicate and intricately thought out, and you can't help but feel like the small scared, lonely child that you play as.

We had the privilege of playing the first level The Children and the Night that introduces the idea of the game through illustrative cut scenes, and our goal; a single pair of eyes visible through the rain that turn out to be those of a young girl.

One of the very first moments in the game is so charming, that I cannot express how much you need this game, its delightful but oh so simple as you walk through a small enclosed tunnel that shelters you from the rain, set up so that when you walk through you knock over paint cans, bottles and carts in such an innocent and child-like fashion, it was at this point I knew this would be my favourite game at E3 2013.

It isn't just the visuals that are top notch, the beauty of the game shortly gets sent to the back of your mind as soon as the terrifying bony creatures of the rain are unveiled to you with their ghastly screech, suddenly your curious journey through the night following a young girl with an invisible silhouette turns into a chase for survival, as you discover that these strange creatures are hunting her down.

The creatures are nothing to be scoffed at, and they make up a very dangerous aspect of the game, however there are tactics to be used against these creatures as their numbers steadily increase, much like you they are only visible when in the rain, but if you stand undercover you will be invisible to them and everything around you. They aren't just there for scare factors and occasionally the creatures are imperative to solving a puzzle for which you may have to lure them away, either by standing in their vision or running through a puddle loud enough to pierce the constant sound of falling rain.

rain was without a doubt one of the most stunning games present at E3, forget next gen, forget epic open worlds, all you need is something a little different, and breathtakingly beautiful in such a simple way. When you do manage to experience this game first-hand, do so with headphones, and prepare for the deafening silence when you leave this beautiful game and the rain stops.

rain is scheduled for a release Fall 2013 exclusively on the PlayStation Network for PS3.