E3 2013: Goodbye Deponia preview

E3 2013: Goodbye Deponia preview

For those that are not familiar, Deponia is a series of adventure games that take part across the junk planet of Deponia and the illustrious sky city of Elysium. The series is as close to a fast-paced screwball comedy you can get, and Rufus is one of the most stubborn protagonists you'll ever come across; Rufus dreams of leaving his trash planet to the floating cities full of wealth and beauty. Now you'd think after two games he'd of given up, but like we said he's stubborn.

Much like Daedalic Entertainment’s other titles, Goodbye Deponia is completely hand drawn, this includes the characters, animations, locations and the gorgeous 2D cutscenes, it’s a staple of the series, and helps to highlight the brilliant oddities of every inhabitant of Deponia. But, if you’re familiar with the series, then you know all of this already, however unfortunately as adventure game spoilers are rife, so if you don’t wish to have a few of the puzzles and plot points that you will encounter spoiled you may want to look away, and trust us that you will be very much pleased with the latest and last story of Rufus.

We were treated to a short snippet of the game around about halfway through, as usual Rufus is in quite a way over his head, and ever closer to Elysium he manages to lose Goal, but decides that the best way to get her back is by cloning her, unfortunately he underestimates just how much cloning material was required and ends up with a short tempered young child that hampers Rufus’ progress. This doesn’t help that he’s currently in the process of stopping the Organon, looking after baby Goal and joining up with the underground resistance, now what would an idiot do?

That’s right, in order to get everything done in a timely manner, Rufus opts to Clone two more versions of himself so that he can literally be in three places at once to manage all of his objectives, of course this does not go as intended, however it does make for a very interesting puzzle mechanic where the user must switch between Rufus’ to progress, which is where we are treated to a puzzle suitably bizarre for the Deponia series.

Rufus is in a bit of a predicament, he finds himself split from his cloned counterparts, however thankfully one of them still has Goal, the only trouble is if he tries to do anything she starts crying, and when you’re in a dark unknown place you don’t want to attract the unwanted attention of anyone, so his other clones must find a way of getting him something to keep her quiet.

What luck that one of the clones ends up at a house on Deponia with a lovely bearded baby, now he can’t simply take the baby’s pacifier, no matter how big a beard he has, so Rufus must convince the baby’s grandmother that he is the bearded baby, for which he is thrown a caffeine lollipop; a baby’s favourite snack. Take the lollipop to the bearded baby and he’ll throw his pacifier away in an instant.

This is where the other use of three Rufus’ come in hand, and you must work together with all three, swapping items and activating mechanisms so that the others can progress, as such, once the pacifier is obtained by the Rufus with baby Goal he can continue on his way, but this is Deponia, and nothing is ever quite as it seems, because you’ll never quite know the difference between a large carnivorous insect monster and a small innocent child when you’re sat in the dark.

As the last in the Deponia trilogy it is promised that Goodbye Deponia will allow the series to go out with a big bang in a finale fitting of Rufus’ misguided adventures, however thanks to the unique character and the world of Deponia, we’re pretty hopeful that this will not be the last that we see and play.

Goodbye Deponia is currently scheduled for a release during October 2013 for Windows PC and Macintosh, if you’ve not delved into the decrepit world of Deponia already, we whole-heartily suggest that you check Deponia and Chaos on Deponia as soon as possible.