E3 2013: Best of the Show

E3 2013: Best of the Show

This year we decided it was time to let the games of E3 know how much we loved them! So like a lot of press that visit the show we were handing out awards for the most deserved of developers, it was very hard to narrow them down, but we strongly believe that we made the right choices. So say hello to Gamercast's top games of E3 2013!

Best Game of E3 2013
Murdered Soul Suspect
I was unsure of what to expect from Murdered in the presentation I was shown, however the second they got into the game I was blown away, and we cannot wait to see this action based adventure game when it's released. Taking the stylings of Sherlock Holmes and making a more personal story I cannot wait to see how it all pans out.

Best DS Game
Hometown Story
Short of all of the games at the Nintendo booth, we had a real good look around at the DS games on offer and came upon Hometown Story, an innocent and delightful game from the creator of Harvest Moon that asks you set up a shop and watch it flourish as you and the townspeople grow, sounds corny but if you know and like Harvest Moon, you'll know why we picked this.

Best PC Game
There's nothing better than a good horror game to really make you feel alive, and Zombie Studios' Daylight is a horror game so simple, and yet it holds so much potential from its simple origins as a test-drive of the Unreal 4 Engine that has evolved into a procedurally generated adventure of an abandoned hospital that will be coming to the Playstation 4.

Best Playstation 4 Game
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Of all the Playstation 4 titles at the show, even among the big boys like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son we just felt they didn't stand out as having as much charm and creativity as the crazy Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Is this how an octopus in a suit would move around in the real world? Who knows, but we love it.

Best Playstation 3 Game
It was hard to top the desolate and lonely beauty that Japan Studio's stunning new PSN title brings, provoking fond memories of ICO this action platformer of sorts showed a lot of promise and was undoubtedly the most captivating game on the PS3 at the show.

Best Xbox 360 Game
A game of our childhoods and now a great remastering too, DuckTales is everything you'd want from an arcade title, a refined and concise platformer that will fit with the times, and bring it today's wider audience of video game enthusiasts.

Best Xbox One Game
Crimson Dragon
There were some very good looking games on the Xbox One at E3, although the most deserving of them was Crimson Dragon, yes it's only a little digital title, but there's something about bringing the old style rail shooter to a new console that keeps the traits, gameplay and sounds of a game from the 90s that gives the nostalgic among us a warm feeling in our hearts.

Best Adventure
Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments
Every year we see a lot of adventure games at E3, and every year they're getting stronger and stronger. Sherlock Holmes' newest adventure not only shows this, but takes the series in a whole different direction, allowing the player to truly take on the mind of Sherlock Holmes, we've got our expectations high for this one!

Best Family Game
Skylanders Swapforce
E3 isn't all about murder, death, kill, and a lot of family friendly games can be sampled at the show, however our clear favourite was the return to the Skylands, some many see it as a complete money zapper, but if it weren't for the fantastic action game that is delivered alongside a range of addictively collectable toys, Skylanders would not be the household name that it is.

Best Platformer
Ever since the first screenshots unveiled we've been excited to see more of Contrast. The premise may sound childish, but the concept is solid and this puzzling platformer plays like a dream, and it definitely raises the bar for others to make more interesting platform games, yeah we're looking at you.

Best Racing Game
Forza 5
There were a few big name racing titles at the show, however none really deliver as much as Forza manages to do with every iteration. The simulation racer makes a return in all its glory and it looks absolutely stunning while it's at it, and thanks to the Xbox One's Cloud platform the Drivatar sounds more impressive than ever before.

Best RPG
The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt
There were a few RPGs at the show which interested us, and the newcomer Lords of Fallen definitely received an honourable mention, but the immense scale and volume that The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt holds blew us away. It feels like what a truly open-living-world should be and we cannot wait to get sucked into it.

Best Shooter
Tom Clancy's The Division
The Division could be called a tactical shooter or even an RPG, but really what Massive Entertainment are creating is potentially what a true squad based multiplayer game should be like, and it's absolutely breath-taking at the same time, best shooter at the show by far with its broad range of gameplay.

Best Strategy Game
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
Some might call it a puzzle game, however we had to give it best strategy, the much loved franchise makes a return in a surprising announcement from EA and Popcap Games that looks to truly keep the look, feel and fun that millions have had in the cute and colourful tower defense!

Well those are our picks from the show, what do you think? Were there any games that stood out to you?