E3 2012 The Walking Dead: Starving for Help preview

So if you're not one of the million or so people who have played episode one of The Walking Dead, well maybe you should! It'll only take about an hour and a half of your time and you'll enjoy it if you love anything Walking Dead related or of course zombies, sorry I meant to say walkers, but not in the standard Dead Rising style of killing hoardes of them.

We were lucky enough to take a sneak peak of Episode two of The Walking Dead: Starved for Help, however I recommend you do not play episode two until you have read past issue 15 of the comics, or episode 18 of the television series otherwise it could spoil something for you if you want to know about it first in one of the other types of media, otherwise you should definitely buy it when it's released later in June.

So now we're past the warning stage and you want to know a little about episode two I'm going to do my best to not spoil any of the amazing moments that we witnessed. Episode two features a lot of tough choices like the first episode, it's all about managing your relationships with the other characters and figuring out the correct balance of power that you need to have in order to keep everyone sane and happy with you.

Of course you may have played the first episode; A New Day much more differently than I did, I definitely made a few different choices to the way that Telltale Games had in the save they loaded from. Straight away from the start of the episode you can see changes that certain events had on your game. The outline of the start of the episode is that it's where we left off from the end of episode one, except it's now three months on, they've got no electricity and are very steadily running out of food.

Not only will it mean that you just happen to have one person alive which for another player might be dead. As well as the benefit of having person x on your team, some companions have extra character traits that can help you out along the way, if you saved them previously that is. These abilities aren't direct abilities but they can aid you in the second episode. Turns out I made different choices so my experience will be a lot different though, but this is a great aspect of the game which finally is more noticeable now that we can jump into episode two. So when you talk to friends about the experience you had you'll have the amazing feeling of potentially having different events occur, making the game feel like your own unique adventure.

As you'd presume from the first episode you'll meet new faces in Starved for Help, witness exciting moments, terrifying choices and tough decisions. Which will all of course feed into the story arc and change what the outcomes of the rest of episode two and the further episodes entail. If you thought episode one had some tough choices you've seen nothing yet, I highly recommend you pick it up once it's out. If you're unsure of if you want to pick it up all I got to see of episode two was the first 15 minutes and I already want to see more. Hopefully I have been vague enough to not spoil anything while also making you want to give it a play, if you want more details you can comment below asking but I wanted to keep this all spoiler free as the game is an experience you really want to witness for yourself.

The Walking Dead: Starved for Help is due for release on the 27th of June on Xbox 360 and June 29th for Playstation 3 and Windows, although currently the PS3 date in Europe is unconfirmed.

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Comment from: David G. Paul [Visitor]
David G. Paul

can't wait for this :) couldn't help but finish the previous in one sitting

when TellTale get it right, they really do nail it :)

7th June 2012 @ 19:25 Reply to this comment
Comment from: irated [Visitor]

Me and some people have agreed NOT to buy further episodes. For this game.

Er waited such a long time for episode 2 .. its fu*king bullshit!

8th June 2012 @ 11:25 Reply to this comment
Comment from: BobthePirate [Visitor]

@irated you do know that you actually buy all five episodes right from the beginning? Your game will simply be updated once in a while with new chapters.

Really hope it's worth the wait.

8th June 2012 @ 13:57 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Grimes [Visitor]

This game is fantastic, but the way that the dev's have handled this delayed releases is ridiculous and childish. Be honest with your consumers and your fan base or risk alienating them.

If it's going to take two months between episodes, say so, and have the courtesy to tell us why. We have to wait any way, but I'd be a lot happier if I knew why.

8th June 2012 @ 15:12 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Irated [Visitor]

I buyed only 1 episode. "ep: new day" for 400 Microsoft Points.

so no! i wont get all the episodes unless i pay more MS.

TellTale is making a fool of themselves, they have lost a HUGE amount of fans becuse of this.

it`s been like 2 f*cking months!! thats ridiculous.. and they dont tell us SHIT!

they say they have a date of release now, in June.. this month.
but before that they say May. like.. WHAT THE F*CK!

i think when finally ALL of the episodes is out it will be like after 1 year or more!

i will now throw my money away on that shit

8th June 2012 @ 19:45 Reply to this comment
Comment from: irated [Visitor]

I meant " i will NOT throw my money on that shit "

9th June 2012 @ 01:22 Reply to this comment
Comment from: David G. Paul [Visitor]
David G. Paul

"Oh no, the games coming out later than they said so I won't buy it" *shakes head in disbelief* What can you say?

If everyone thought that about a delay in a game's release no one would have bought the original Max Payne so we wouldn't be on #3 now! (true, games like Daikatana should probably have never made it out after their delay)

Anyway I digress, two months isn't very long to wait, especially when it's between episodes of a game. With BTTF there was a 2 month wait between the first and second, and fourth and fifth - the rest were 1 month waits.

Who cares if plans change? I'd rather wait an extra month than what they originally planned than have a game that's not as polished; so personally I gladly wait

9th June 2012 @ 16:11 Reply to this comment
Comment from: irated [Visitor]

When ep2 is out its just 2 hours gameplay, and then we need to wait 2 months or more AGAIN !

9th June 2012 @ 18:20 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Juggman [Visitor]

I'm miffed about the wait like everybody else, but I like the game too much to give up on it because Telltale slipped up.

Although, they did promise monthly episodic content. Episode 1 was released April 27th instead of the 26th; now that's no biggie. But when you say monthly content. I expect to play Episode 2 on May 27th or around that; Episode 3 on June 27th and so on. It's basically halfway through June, and there hasn't even been any word on what's going on. They need to step their game up.

12th June 2012 @ 09:58 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Brian [Visitor]

I am still pretty excited for the game to be released. Who cares if it is the end of June before episode 2 releases. If it did release earlier, then you would just be complaining about episode 3 not being released yet. I agree with saying that I would rather have a game perfect, than having it released early and hearing everyone complain about the problems with it. Maybe they just want to spread out the episodes so that once the last one releases, then we will be able to watch the premier of season 3!

12th June 2012 @ 16:12 Reply to this comment
Comment from: David G. Paul [Visitor]
David G. Paul

and on the plus side the latest volume of the graphic novels not been out long, so there's always that to read :)

12th June 2012 @ 17:42 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Juggman [Visitor]


If it released on time like it was supposed to, no one would be complaining because they'd know that if ep 1 came out in april, and ep 2 came out in may, then ep 3 would definitely be coming out in june. People are complaining because Telltale said this is gonna be episodic content, with a new one every month. And it's been 2 since episode one without even any word on when episode 2 is coming out.

12th June 2012 @ 19:39 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Can You Say LAWSUIT [Visitor]

Good game but crappy developer. Seriously we should all file a theft lawsuit. Actually file a case against the BBB towards TTG; it would go down as failure to deliver goods as promised. I am going there now to file it.

13th June 2012 @ 05:55 Reply to this comment
Comment from: NYJ [Visitor]

Sorry. It's been 2 months since the second episode was supposed to be out, with no acknowledgement or explanation of any fashion- that's a BIG FU to the folks paying for this nonsense. Ep.1 was good but I won't be spending any more money on TTG. Maybe if a competent developer can pick up the license down the road I'll try again

19th June 2012 @ 18:49 Reply to this comment
Comment from: jarod h [Visitor]
jarod h

The thing is TT had the first 3 episodes completed and were in post with the 4th and 5th when they released ep 1. When you tell fans monthly you keep your word or lose customers. i have gotten to the point now where i dont care when ep 2 does come out because im not going to buy any more until the 5th release which is what i would have done had i known they were jerking us off. i highly recommend everyone does this just so they understand what happens when you BS the ppl with money. i would actually rather have all 5 anyway before i start playing again just so i can go all the way through without waiting a month and forgetting what happened the last ep anyway

24th June 2012 @ 03:10 Reply to this comment
Comment from: Catherine [Member]

We've just updating our preview with the date that it's coming out!

26th June 2012 @ 20:31 Reply to this comment
Comment from: David G. Paul [Visitor]
David G. Paul

Activision are releasing a Walking Dead shooter next year! I picture the TellTale Games one being the better of the two

6th July 2012 @ 17:44 Reply to this comment

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