Featured image of post E3 2012: Divinity Original Sin developer interview

E3 2012: Divinity Original Sin developer interview

Out of all the games at this year's E3 only one was set to revolutionise the way that online works in gaming. Divinity: Original Sin looks to change the tired old traditions of online RPGs, and instead treats the game as though it were a conventional pen and paper roleplaying game; no more boring quests to grind, and full interaction from all party members, meaning that as a client you are not simply following your host, you have just as much input into the outcome of quests and conversations as you would in a singleplayer game.

After we saw the game in action we couldn't help but ask for an interview, so here you have it, I have a chat with Larian Studio's director Swen Vincke for a bit of a low down on their upcoming party based roleplaying game.

Divinity: Original Sin is scheduled for a release during the second half of 2013, and will be available for PC, and when released will come complete with the full editor for the game.