Featured image of post E3 2012: Divinity Dragon Commander developer interview

E3 2012: Divinity Dragon Commander developer interview

We love strategy games at Gamercast, and it was one genre we did not expect to see at this years E3, so we were more than surprised when we managed to see a few shining examples of one of the best genres built for the PC.

Possibly the most exciting strategy game we experienced was Larian Studios' Divinity: Dragon Commander that puts a nice spin on the standard real time strategy, with its interesting diplomacy system that can affect your campaign with many different outcomes. Oh yeah, and you can take your Dragon Knight into battle and fight alongside your armada in real time!

After we saw the game in action we couldn't help but ask for an interview, so here you have it, I have a chat with Larian Studio's director Swen Vincke for a bit of a low down on their dragon-fuelled game.

Divinity: Dragon Commander is scheduled for a release around the start of 2013, for PC.