Details on Drox Operative begin to surface

Since its announcement in September, Soldak Entertainment have been busying away at their latest game Drox Operative set thousands of years after their extremely popular dungeon crawler Din’s Curse, Drox Operative is a very different game entirely.

Drox Operative is a starship action RPG that features an evolving galaxy, co-operative multiplayer and 13 different warring alien races. Of the thirteen, ten are said to be fairly diplomatic; and they’ll at least pretend to listen before they eradicate whatever stands in their way for galactic domination, let’s just presume you do not want to meet any of the other three down a dark alley.

Soldak have announced two of their races, these may of course contain spoilers, so look away if you want to experience Drox Operative anew when it is released.


Danger Level: Moderate

Brunt are as impressive as their size- huge. You’ll always find them carting large personal weaponry. While relying on firepower and aggressive tactics, they happily sacrifice speed and cunning. Intimidation and posturing often give the brunt an advantage when dealing with other races, and it precedes their true joy of mindlessly pummeling enemies to death. They are warriors of blood, fire, and brutality.


Danger Level: Low

While physically weak, the small, quiet, calm cortex make up for their diminutive size with an uncanny intelligence. They are exceptional researchers and scientists. While clever with defense, cortex are not quick to invade neighbors. It is a mistake to consider them benign, for when it comes to betrayal, nothing will stay their hand from justice. Stubborn is an apt description. They’ll fiercely pursue a grudge, so care should be given to maintain a decent reputation among their kind

Steven Peeler of Soldak also keeps a blog with a host of discussions and information on the core components of Drox Operative so be sure to check it out for a low down on how their newest game is going to work.

Done when it’s done, Drox Operative is expected for a release during Q1 of 2012, we’ll keep you updated with any new announcements, and you can read more on the game at the Soldak website.