Quick, take on the galaxy in Drox Operative that's out now!

Quick, take on the galaxy in Drox Operative that's out now!

Soldak Entertainment have announced that their life-sucking starship action RPG Drox Operative is out now and available for purchase for Windows and Mac PCs from their website. If you missed our preview of the fantastically addictive dynamic game, then you are missing out, whilst it may not look as flashy as some of the space titles out there, it will eat you up like a good space exploration game.

The Drox after which the game is named used to rule the galaxy with their Operatives; these elite starship captains were trained to accomplish the impossible. For over 100,000 years the Operatives ruled the galaxy with an iron grip until their Operators realised how much of a threat they were. After failing to assassinate them all, a Galactic Civil War ensued.

Thousands of years later the Drox are extinct but the Operative guild still lives on, and the major space races are scouting, colonising and expanding in an attempt to take over the galaxy through diplomacy, technology, war, or any means possible. As a Drox Operative it is your job to pick the winning side, help them conquer the galaxy if you wish, and rake in as many credits as possible whilst building the deadliest ship in the universe, you do not have to manage planets, build stations or anything really, if you want you can sit back and observe what your actions, or inactions cause.

In a huge dynamic and evolving galaxy full of warring alien races, you must pick your side and help fight the galactic war in troubled waters by planting evidence, espionage and spreading rumors, or simply blasting everyone you see. Plus with thousands of components and crew to outfit your ship with it’s difficult to get bored in this perpetual game that just keeps evolving.

Drox Operative is available now from the Soldak website for $19.99, there's even a demo available, so give it a go, if you are into your space-orientated strategy games you will not be disappointed!