Drox Operative is now available on Steam, quick go get it with 50% off!

Drox Operative is now available on Steam, quick go get it with 50% off!

It's finally here! Soldak Entertainment's brilliantly addictive and enthralling action RPG Drox Operative is now available in the hallowed halls of Steam for all of those that can't own a game without it being on the gigantic download platform.

You've never heard of it? Sounds like you might need to read my review of the game that sunk me into hours upon hours of play as I attempted to weave my way into warring factions to reap the benefits of their own foolish conflicts.

the magical Drox Operative

You are one of the remaining Drox, as an operative it is your job to pick the winning side in a galaxy sector full of factions, and help them conquer the galaxy if you wish, and rake in as many credits as possible whilst building the deadliest ship in the universe, you do not have to manage planets, build stations or anything really, if you want you can sit back and observe what your actions, or inactions cause.

In a huge dynamic and evolving galaxy full of warring alien races, you can stir the troubled waters by planting evidence, espionage and spreading rumours, or simply blasting everyone you see. Plus with thousands of components and crew to outfit your ship with it’s difficult to get bored in this perpetual game that just keeps evolving.

Drox Operative is available now from Steam with 50% off for a mere £7.49 until February 25th, go on, what are you waiting for!