Drox Operative announced

We've only just brought ourselves to review the best darn dungeon crawler around, but the indie developers behind Din's Curse have just announced their newest game in the works; Drox Operative.

Drox Operative is a starship action RPG that will feature Soldak's fantastic qualities; warring alien races, a dynamic, evolving galaxy and co-op multiplayer with the new unique feature in this sci-fi RPG; fierce space battles.

The Drox after which the game is named used to rule the galaxy with their Operatives; these elite starship captains were trained to accomplish the impossible. For over 100,000 years the Operatives ruled the galaxy with an iron grip until their Operators realised how much of a threat they were. After failing to assassinate them all, a Galactic Civil War ensued.

Thousands of years later the Drox are extinct but the Operative guild still lives on, and the major space races are scouting, colonising and expanding in an attempt to take over the galaxy through diplomacy, technology, war, or any means possible. As a Drox Operative it is your job to pick the winning side, help them conquer the galaxy if you wish, and rake in as many credits as possible whilst building the deadliest ship in the universe.

This newest game from the indie developer has definitely taken a turn away from the fantasy settings of their previous games, which is great, cause we love science fiction even more than fantasy, and we hope that you do too! After the dynamism of Din's Curse, expect to see an even larger dynamic world in Drox Operative; here's to hoping they make yet another addictive, and engaging title.

Drox Operative will be done when it's done, and is expected for a release during the 1st quarter of 2012. You can currently read more on the game at the Soldak website.