Give a warm welcome to Dovetail games!

Give a warm welcome to Dovetail games!

They were the most memorably named company out there, but times are-a-changing, and have rebranded their company with the new name of Dovetail Games. But don't worry you can still expect to see more of Train Simulator.

“I’m delighted to be announcing the birth of Dovetail Games,” said CEO Paul Jackson. “We are still completely committed to our Train Simulator products and our extremely loyal fan base, but we know that in order to continue to grow our business, as we have done year-on-year since launching in 2009, we need to reach out into other new areas. This gives us the opportunity to explore new simulation opportunities beyond the world of trains.”

In fact from the sounds of it we can expect to see a bit more than simply Train Simulator, and as fans of the simulator genre, we cannot wait to see what Dovetail games have on the horizon.

"Not only are we going to ‘wake-up’ the simulation genre, but we want to set the quality benchmark", said Rob O’Farrell. ‘’Using cutting-edge technology, our aim is to deliver realistic simulation experiences filled with fun and challenging gameplay, supported by breath-taking visuals. We want to take our players on an exciting journey and give them the tools to fulfill their gaming ambitions".

Whilst Dovetail will continue to dominate the aspect of Train simulation, what could we expect? TML Studios have got Bus Simulators firmly claimed as their own, and GIANTS software are still the best for Farming Simulators, the same goes for SCS Software's ridiculously popular Euro Truck, so perhaps we can expect a nice Space Simulator, perhaps a Flight Simulator or maybe even an Underground simulator? I've got my fingers crossed for the Underground!

Better yet Dovetail Games will be bringing their future simulation products to PC and consoles!