Find out the ways to grab the cash in Dollar Dash!

Find out the ways to grab the cash in Dollar Dash!

Kalypso Media have revealed yet another new trailer for their upcoming fast paced chaotic rob-em-up Dollar Dash that demonstrates the game modes in the title including Save the Safe, Hit ‘n’ Run and Dollar Dash, why not check it out to see what is in store for you, but if you ask me, nothing beats a good old fashioned dollar dash!

With Dollar Dash you must attack, defend or outrun your competitors to steal and deposit the most cash into the getaway vehicle before it disappears, a little bit like Kane and Lynch 2's brilliant Fragile Alliance except with cute cartoony criminals.

With a huge amount of customisation available for your cute criminal you can personalise them to your liking as well as discover and upgrade your favourite weapon. These are not your average weapons however, with the likes of huge boulders, irritated magpies and jelly shields amongst a host of 20 weapons and power-ups.

With 4 player drop-in, drop-out multiplayer the aim of the game is instant, online, fast paced competitive action that is quick to learn, simple to control, and impossible to put down!

Dollar Dash is scheduled for a release March 6th 2013 for the Xbox Live Arcade and Windows PC for 800 Microsoft Points and £7.99 respectively with a release following shortly after on the Playstation Network March 20th.