Wait, Din's Curse is available on Steam!?

Wait, Din's Curse is available on Steam!?

Ok, I’ve got three very important, very simple steps that you must follow right this instant if you love gaming. Step 1: open Steam, Step 2: find Din’s Curse, Step 3: buy Din’s Curse!

Oh, and I’m not joking, if you have not heard of the game, it ate up around three months of my life as I attempted to sum into words why it is one of the richest dungeon crawling experiences in the history of PC gaming.

With very humble development at Soldak, Din’s Curse may not be the most beautiful game around, however it most definitely compensates with the substance of the game that can literally keep you going for well over a year, and with this fantastic news, we can only hope that their latest scifi game Drox Operative will also be seeing a release on Steam after its development is complete.

Din’s Curse is available now on Steam for the excellent price of £6.99, if you have a penchant for crawling around in dungeons, and haven’t played Din’s Curse then you might be interested to know there’s actually a law that you’re breaking, so get on Steam, buy a copy, and get lost in the dynamic worlds where factions aren’t just out for your blood, but each other’s and the innocents of the world; no one is safe.